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Industry News

Court rules real estate agents must notify visitors of dangerous home conditions.

Real estate agents abide by their responsibilities to operate with transparency and honesty when showing homes to visitors. However, a new law in California takes this issue a step further by requiring agents to also notify visitors and prospective buyers of potential home conditions that could be dangerous or cause injury, attorney Jim Porter wrote in the Tahoe Daily Tribune.

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Pocket Listings: Do the Risks Outweight the Benefits?

A pocket listing is one which is held by the listing agent, and not advertised through public channels such as the MLS. While they are more frequently found in commercial transactions (some brokerages specifically advertise for principals only on Loopnet or other commercial sites), they are becoming more common in residential transactions.

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Real estate industry cites recruiting young agents as No. 1 concern

The real estate industry is facing a number of stops and starts, particularly as certain sectors in the market rebound quickly - such as the residential market - while other areas remain stagnant. Although market forces, business operations, errors and omissions claims and fluctuating supply and demand are critical factors agents are facing, the majority of industry leaders cite their challenges in recruiting young, new talent as their most pressing concern.

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