Dave Cox Joins Norman-Spencer as Managing Director of Transportation Division

Norman-Spencer announced today the appointment of Dave Cox as Managing Director of the Transportation Division.

Mr. Cox brings over 30 years of experience exclusively in the transportation insurance industry from field underwriting to Chief Underwriting Officer, including four separate build-outs of transportation programs. He will provide an immediate impact for Norman-Spencer by developing a commercial auto liability program for regionally operated trucking fleets that is backed by an AM Best A- rated carrier.

“Dave has been a clear leader in the industry for decades,” said Brian Norman, President of Norman-Spencer. “He has an outstanding track record of servicing the transportation industry with a hands-on approach and is dedicated to finding the path of least resistance for retail brokers in the placement of trucking risks”\

The new Managing Director had this to say about the announcement: “I’m thrilled to join the Norman-Spencer family, filling a need in their offerings and earning a place on their program shelf of robust services,” said Mr. Cox. “I look forward to expanding our focus in commercial transportation and strengthening current client relationships with a seasoned support team that has over 65 years in the industry.”

This addition of Dave Cox is the latest effort by Norman-Spencer to deepen its concentration in the transportation sector. “We’ve been looking to become a market leader since our entrance into the sector 10 years ago.  Dave’s appointment is a significant step-forward in achieving that goal” added Norman.

Norman-Spencer is now accepting submissions from transportation retail specialists with trucking fleets risks over 35 units.

You can reach Dave Cox at dave.cox@tsuins.com