Contractor Tools & Equipment

There are those that rely on keyboards to do their job, and then there are those whose who hammer out their day with the help of their trusted tools and equipment.  We are here to serve the insurance needs of the latter with our Contractors Tools & Equipment Program.

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We provide contractor tools and equipment coverage ranging from smaller Artisan Contractor tool set on up to your heavy, multi-site, construction operation equipment schedules.  Whether you have have prior coverage or just starting out, we are there to protect you at the shop, on the worksite, and everywhere in between.


  • AM Best “A” Rated Carrier
  • Nationwide Availability
  • Low Minimum Premiums
  • Quick Quote Turnaround
  • New Ventures accepted
  • Real Property Coverage available

Lines of Coverage

  • Inland Marine
  • Property

Trust Norman-Spencer to have your back. Give us a call at (800) 543-3248 to learn more about application requirements and submission requirements.

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